What’s the unit to measure progress?

A sense of urgency

Climate change is occurring earlier and more rapidly than expected. The extinction of species is accelerating at such a pace that scientists see it as the 6th wave of mass extinction on earth. Destruction of habitats, pollution, resource depletion and the climate crisis must all be urgently tackled. But how do we know what is a solution and what is greenwashing? Time and resources are limited, it is key that we use them on the biggest levers. Otherwise, we risk running into dead ends. That is why impact measurement is not just nice to have but imperative on our way forward. Towards an economy within the planetary boundaries.

Our approach: calculating the ecological footprint

Impact is a key metric at Planet A. It is our ambition to provide science-based impact measurement. In order to understand what innovation REALLY is going to make a difference. Which company has the potential to help us big style in mitigating climate change and developing a circular economy.

  1. greenhouse gas emissions

Making Impact Tangible

We are not only trying to “prove” impact but, like financial performance, are interested in improving it over time with our portfolio companies. This is what our data helps us to do.

Let’s figure this out together.

As my colleague Fridtjof Detzner points out we are strongly convinced that venture funds need to add a new dimension to their processes in order to have the right numbers to look at: a robust, quantitative understanding of the consequences of their investments on nature. After all, early-stage funding decides which ideas turn into companies, shaping our future economy. That is why we integrated a science-based, quantified impact assessment into our investment process.



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Planet A Ventures

Planet A Ventures

We are an impact investment fund targeting start-ups that have a measurable positive impact on our planet while building scalable businesses.