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  • juLien Fredonie

    juLien Fredonie

    Energizer & Movement addict | Intrapreneur & Entrepreneur | Love Music, Love People & Love Love

  • Christopher Ernst

    Christopher Ernst

  • Benjamin Minack

    Benjamin Minack

  • Sven Labenz

    Sven Labenz

    COO FAKTOR 3 // Strategic Communications // Corporate, Technology, Connected Mobility, Smart Cities, Inclusion & Future of Organizations // DE & EN.

  • Swift Ventures

    Swift Ventures

    Accelerating seed-stage AI and automation companies with B2B business models.

  • Christian Schad

    Christian Schad

    GP and Co-Founder @ Planet A Ventures

  • Mario Aichlseder

    Mario Aichlseder

    VP Strategy & Innovation @runtastic | loves #tech, #mobile, #climbing, #skiing, #mtb, #psychology, #travelling and #startups

  • Fridtjof Detzner

    Fridtjof Detzner

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