Addressing the global plastic waste crisis

Why we invested in WILDPLASTIC

While our planet is flooded with plastic, a German start-up comes up with an innovative product: Recycled plastic recovered from nature. A business model we firmly believe in.

The first trash bag that cleans up the world

Hamburg-based start-up WILDPLASTIC is trying to find a way out of the global plastic crisis. The team around CEO Christian Sigmund assumes that plastic waste is not waste. It is a valuable resource. WILDPLASTIC recovers plastic from nature and creates new products such as the WILDBAG — the first trash bag that cleans up the world.

Eight reasons why we believe in WILDPLASTIC

For Planet A Ventures, WILDPLASTIC is a great investment:

WILDPLASTIC`s impact in real time

In order to showcase their impact to customers, investors and the wider public the WILDPLASTIC team partnered with us to track and visualize their impact on GHG emissions and waste in real time — a great move towards more transparency. Check it out here.

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