A Snapshot of the European CDR Ecosystem

We mapped out the carbon dioxide removal space in Europe: promising approaches, innovations and necessary developments.

What is Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)?

The world may need to remove as much as 100–1000 gigatons, in other words, 50 to 500 times the annual EU emissions, (IPCC, Eurostat) of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it permanently to stay in line with the 1.5-degree pathway. This means that we need to scale current removal volumes by a factor of 1,000,000x and essentially establish a whole industry the size of the current oil and gas industry from scratch (Scaling Carbon Removal).

Overview of CDR Pathways (compiled from different sources: Vivid Economics, Energy Transitions Commission)

The European CDR Ecosystem

The European CDR space is becoming increasingly attractive — to founders and investors alike. Planet A has tracked around 135 start-ups in the wider European CDR space who collectively raised more than € 1.5Bn in funding so far. Besides a few mega-rounds (like Climeworks), most companies are still at an early stage with most funding rounds happening in the field of DAC technologies, marketplaces, and carbon utilization. Strictly speaking, the latter is not directly related to CDR, but is an important player in the value chain and should therefore be taken into account when considering the wider CDR ecosystem.

Innovations we are excited about

Planet A has been following the CDR space for a while and is excited about innovations in the field. Below is a very high-level overview of some of the areas we are enthusiastic about.



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